The Myth and the Truth of Brown Tree Snake on Guam
Sep 10th, 2013 by Ken Kobayashi with

Every so often, I like to remind my friends and family who have never been to Guam, that we are still alive and well.  The brown tree snakes have not eaten us yet.  A common myth about Guam is that Guam is infested with brown tree snakes, and that anyone moving to Guam should be aware.  The truth is I haven’t seen a brown tree snake in years.

If anyone has read some of the articles on the internet about the brown tree snakes, you may have heard some over exaggerated story.  Many of the articles seem to portray the brown tree snakes on Guam as ferocious predators out to kill.  But that’s because the next ferocious predator on Guam is the pig or coconut crab.  In reality the brown tree snakes basically prey on birds eggs, which basically just lays there to be eaten by anybody or anyone that can climb a tree.  Brown tree snakes on Guam do not attack humans and really just look like an “overgrown worm”.

Not that brown tree snakes are commonly seen, but the most common place you will see a brown tree snake is on the road near a jungle, “dead”.  The snakes seem to climb up the power pole and get electrocuted, fall to the ground, and get run over by cars until they are flat as a pancake.  The life of a snake, exciting!

My most memorable experience with a brown tree snake on Guam was in elementary school, which I remember vividly.  It was probably the most exciting day of elementary school.  A classmate of mine brought a brown tree snake for “show and tell’.  When he brought it to class, he brought the snake in a big aquarium, with a bunch of newspaper in it.  The snake was all wrapped up hiding in the newspaper.  The girls were all scared and the boys were all excited.  As a kid, the only snakes I’ve all seen were the giant snakes in the movies or the zoo, so I was expecting a snake that was the size of a corn on the cob and about 5 feet long.   When it was time to show the snake, I was shocked.  The snake looked like an extension cord, skinny as a pencil with a head the size of a quarter.  I was a bit disappointed and so were many of my classmates.

My friend who was showing the snake was not a bit scared, he pulled the snake out of the aquarium with his bare hands and was showing it to the class.  The most dramatic moment of the exhibition was when my friend was not paying attention and was playing with the snake, the snake bit him.  Everyone was shocked and imagined the worse.  The nurse came by and all she did was clean out the wound with Hydrogen Peroxide and put a band aide and all was well.  Basically the brown tree snakes on Guam do not have any venom that pose a threat to humans.

The truth about brown tree snakes on Guam is that they are just over grown worm and can’t really kill you.  The likely hood of a snake encounter is rare and the even when you do get bit, a band aide and some peroxide will do the trick.  Probably safer to get bit by a brown tree snake then a mosquito!

The Best Apartments & Condos in Tumon Guam
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Are you considering to move to Guam?  You may want to consider renting an apartment or condo in the Tumon area.  Tumon is considered the downtown of Guam, where you have a bountiful of restaurants, bars, hotels, and shops just a stone throw away.  Many condos and apartments in Tumon are also walking distance to the beautiful beaches of Tumon Bay.

Guam-Beachfront-Residence-540x348Located just 5 minutes away from the Guam International Airport, Tumon is the most central village of Guam.  Tumon Bay is lined with many world class hotels such as the Hyatt, Hilton, Westin, and Marriot to name a few.  If you are into shopping there are quite a few boutiques the line the streets of Tumon Bay.  For those moving to Guam on military orders, the main military bases are approximately 20~30minutes drive.  Both Andersen Air Force Base and Naval Base Marianas are about equal distance from Tumon.  The village of Tumon (on Guam, we don’t have cities, we have villages) surrounds one of the most beautiful wildlife preserve beaches on Guam, Tumon Bay.  Most of the condos and apartments are along Tumon Bay.

Now the big question, which condos or apartments in Tumon are the best?  In Tumon there are quite a few options of condos and apartments.  Depending on what you are looking for, the best condo or apartment will differ.  If price is of no concern, you may want to consider Villa Kanton Tasi.  It is the most exclusive Tumon condo on Guam located right on the beach.  If being on the beach is what you want, the Guam Beachfront Residence is one of the more popular places in Tumon.

On the other hand if you are looking for a condo or apartment in Tumon that is a good combination of price, size, & location you may want to consider one of the San Vitores Condos (San Vitores Court, San Vitores Village, San Vitores Terrace, etc.)  These condos are located just 2 minute walk from the most happening spot for dining and nightlife in Guam.  In the area there is a good variety of great restaurants of all price range and ethnicity.  For a night out in town, the area boasts a variety of bars, pubs, & clubs.Villa-Kanton-Tasi-Guam-540x348

For those that are looking for a view, then you may want to consider the Pia Marine or Pia Resort condo.  These are high rise condos with a great view of the ocean and Tumon Bay.  From many of the units you can have a view of the whole Tumon Bay.

These are some of the best condos and apartments in Tumon.  Depending on your wish list, you are sure to find the right condo or apartment in Tumon for you.  With so many options for apartments and condos, you really can’t go wrong finding a place in Tumon.  If need more information, take a look at our many videos on Youtube channel, Guam House Finder, or shoot us an email at

Guam House Finder is New
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It’s new!  Guam House Finder website not only got a new look, but just got better.  The team at Guam House Finder is always working hard to make our website faster, easier, and packed with more useful information.  Backed by the professional real estate of Guam Realty Finder, we are constantly asking what clients want.  We try to listen, and make wishes come true.

Guam House FinderWith the age of technology, information is everywhere.  With the advent of mobile smartphones and tablet devices, it is easier than ever to get any information at the touch of a fingertip.  Technology is getting so advanced, you can talk to your device and get the information you want.

We have just made our website faster, and more efficient.  We took out the fluff and put in pure content for everyone, anywhere to be able to access Guam real estate information.  Guam House Finder is all about houses, condos, apartments, and townhomes for sale and rent.  Our website focuses on what you really are looking for.

Guam House Finder also just got easier.  Our website is now mobile friendly.  That means that you can visit our website using just about any device, including Ipads, Iphones, Tablets, & Smart phones of all sizes and brands.  It’s the same content, just in an easier format.  You no longer have to adjust the screen or squint your eyes to see the small print.  It’s the easiest website to navigate to find guam houses.

At Guam House Finder, we don’t see ourselves as real estate sales agents.  We are not sale people, we are facilitators.  When you view our website, we provide as much information as possible, and when you contact us to help you find a Guam houses, we provide you with local knowledge and market information so that you can make the best real estate decision.  And when we say information, we don’t mean just a few articles, we provide you with useful videos, pictures, statistics, and reading material.

Take a look at the many Guam houses, condos, apartments, and townhomes on our new website, and let us know how we can help you make the right Guam real estate decision for you and your family.  If you need more information just contact us, we would be more than happy to help.

How to find Guam homes for rent
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Looking for Guam homes for rent? Guam House Finder makes it easier to find apartments, condos, and homes for rent in Guam. With our easy intuitive website, backed by a team licensed REALTORS® who specialize in Guam rentals, we can help you find a home quickly and easily. Whether you are just looking to upgrade your lifestyle, or moving to Guam on military orders, we can help you find your new Guam rental. Here is the basic steps:

  1. Take a look at the list of houses, condos, and apartments for rent in Guam in real time on Guam House Finder. All listings for Guam houses for rent in the Multiple Listing Service are on Guam House Finder. Filter your search to quickly sort by type, village, price, and bedroom. Or if you need personal help finding the right home for you, contact us, and we would be happy to help you!
  2. Lets see the homes in person. After narrowing your search to a few potential homes, contact us to schedule a showing. Besides the actual home, it is important to find the right neighborhood and location that you would like to live in. Only then should you select your new Guam rental home.
  3. Once you find the right home for you, we will walk you through the rest, until you are settled in your new Guam Rental. We can help you make the move into a new home easy for everyone, including military personnel. Our team of REALTORS® are well experienced in the specific requirements of military(OHA, Military Clause, etc), so take the stress out of moving into your next Guam home with Guam House Finder, even before moving to Guam.

Don’t worry about the fees, our services are all free for you. We make our money from commission paid by the landlords, so you can use the website and our personal service for free (that’s free of any fees).
Please give us a try, find a Guam home the easy way!

Best Ocean View Property in Guam
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The best ocean view property in Guam is at the end of Turner Road in Piti.  Well that’s in our opinion.  Are you looking for a nice size Guam property to build your home?  Somewhere with a spectacular view?  And in an executive neighborhood?  Being a small island, on Guam, there are many properties, condos and homes with an ocean view.  But to find a combination of a great view, nice neighborhood, and nice size lot at a reasonable price is hard to find.  And don’t forget the location.

What we commonly refer to as the best ocean view property in Guam is the perfect place if you are considering to build your custom home with a great view.  Located in the village of Piti, Turner Road is just around the corner from Nimitz Hill Estates and is also commonly called Channel 10 area.  Within the area, the end of Turner Road is the highest point in the area.  One of the additional perks about this area is its distance to to Hagatna, which is about 10 minutes, and about 10 minutes to Andersen Air Force Base.

As for the best ocean view property in Guam, it is breathtaking.  The view, the area, and the fresh air is all so breathtaking.  The property is a spacious 1646 square meters and is quite level with a bit slope, just enough to give it that “stadium seating” feel when looking out at the ocean.  And the ocean view from the peak of Turner Road is nothing short of spectacular.  Now because the property juts out as if it were built as a lookout, you are able to see the tip of Ritidian point (the most northern tip of Guam), all the way to the edge of Agat and Apra Harbor.  Literally there are not too many places on Guam that has this spectacular panoramic view.  This is why we consider it the best ocean view property on Guam.

As for the neighborhood, it is a quaint peaceful executive neighborhood with lots of nice big homes.  This area has become a hot spot for custom homes, and if you are considering to build your dream ocean view home on Guam this would be a perfect spot.

Affordable Tamuning Condo in Guam
Jun 19th, 2013 by admin with

Are you looking for an affordable, convenient Tamuning condo in Guam? Look no further then Pacific Towers unit B108. The condo complex is located walking distance from Guam Premium Outlet Mall, it is located in a very convenient location near many restaurants, post office, and stores. It is only a 5 minute drive from the airport, tumon, and most places in central Guam.

For those that are new to Guam, Tamuning and Tumon are considered the most central areas of Guam and has the most restaurants, stores, and hotels. One of the main landmarks in the Tamuning area is the Guam Premium Outlet Mall, which boasts a good selection of fast food, sit down restaurants, outlet shopping, grocery shopping, and movie theaters. It is one of the most convenient locations on Guam and located just minutes away is Pacific Tower Condo, one of the most affordable Tamuning Condo in Guam.

The Pacific Towers Condo has a nice tropical ambiance with an nice friendly feel to the neighborhood. Even though being an affordable Tamuning condo in Guam, the condo complex boasts a nice outdoor spacious swimming pool, where you can escape from the hectic city lifestyle and enjoy the sun and water. The laundry facility is conveniently located on the 1st floor with a good quantity of washers and dryers to be able to accommodate your washing needs.

Now for available unit, it is located on the 1st floor in a private corner. So no need to wait for the elevator, and no need to stress about carrying things up. It is literally the most convenient unit in the whole condo complex. The B108 Unit is a 2 bedroom unit with nice marble flooring throughout the unit and boasts a nice view of the swimming pool. And the biggest thing about this unit is the asking price. Listed at $85,000 this is in reach of most buyers. Now in order to move into this affordable Tamuning condo in Guam, all you have to do is coordinate with a bank and you are on your way to home ownership.

Guam Rentals Near Andersen Air Force Base
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You just got orders to move to Guam, and need a little insight into rentals near Andersen Air Force Base(AFB). Here’s some info to give you an idea of the surrounding areas near AFB. Andersen Air Force Base is located in the northern tip of Guam. The village(instead of cities) closest to AFB is Yigo. Yigo is quite a big village in Guam standards, but any place in Yigo should only be about 10 minutes drive to AFB. So when you are looking for a rental near Andersen, Yigo would be a good place to start looking. Some of the things to keep in mind is, Guam is very much hodgepodge, meaning there are new homes next to old homes, and nice homes next to not so nice homes. In general, Yigo is a safe village, but if you prefer a super safe gated community, there is a very nice townhome community with a great family ambiance.

Also in the village of Yigo, some of the nicer executive style homes are located. The bigger size homes hosts a variety of great amenities and is some of the bigger homes on Guam. Compared to the rest of Guam, Yigo does have house lots that are bigger, allowing for bigger homes.

Also another option to consider is the village of Dededo. Dededo is the next village south of Yigo and most places in Dededo are about 15 minutes away. Dededo is one of the most populous village in Guam with many conveniences of modern day life nearby. There are many restaurants, stores, fast food, and super markets. One of the more popular housing development is located in the edge of Dededo bordering Yigo. This housing development hosts 3 and 4 bedroom homes with 2 car garage on every home, and even hosts a secured gated entry into the neighborhood.

Whatever your preference for a rental on Guam may be, be sure to contact us at Guam House Finder, to see the homes in person. We have knowledgeable rental realtors who specialize in assisting military members moving to Guam.

Great Investment Property
Jun 19th, 2013 by admin with

Here is a great investment property for those looking for a steady revenue stream. Tucked away along the cliff, Pacific Towers Condominium is located in central Guam in the heart of Tamuning. The actual unit is conveniently located on the 1st floor in a quaint corner. With a great price and great amenities, Pacific Tower Condo has become a idea place for singles, couples, and starter families. With its great location, it is just a few minutes to malls, restaurants, movies, hotels, and just about anything. The condo complex has a full time security and is well lit. Listed at $85,000 in an excellent price range.

Come take a look at this nice nice condo and enjoy convenient Guam living.

Penthouse Rental Condo in Tumon Guam
Jun 19th, 2013 by admin with

Want to live in a penthouse on Guam with a panoramic view of Tumon Bay, here is your chance. Penthouse condos are a rare find in Guam as most are owner occupied, and to find one in Tumon, near all the bars, restaurants, shops, and hotels for only $3,000 a month is a great deal. Located right in the middle of Tumon Bay, Blue Pacific Lattice is an elite condo complex with a great ambiance. All the conveniences of life are just a stone throw away.

This penthouse condo unit is located on the 8th floor and has a very spacious floor plan. The view is impeccable. The living room is surrounded by glass to give you a full 270 degree view of Tumon Bay. Yes 270 degree, not 180 degree. Imagine yourself having a few friends over, having a few drinks on the spacious balcony at sunset. This could be you. At $3,000 a month this place is a steal of a deal. If your tired of the view, take a dip in the swimming pool. Relax and enjoy life at Blue Pacific Lattice.

Guam Tumon Horizon Condo for Sale
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Looking to enjoy Guam life? The Tumon Horizon Condo is perfect for you. This Guam condo is located in a perfect location. Only a few minute drive to just about anywhere. The mall, stores, hotels, restaurants, and bars are all within 5 minute drive. But Horizon Condo is tucked away and with such amenities as swimming pool. You can come home relax and unwind in comfort. Why not make the most out of life, live in a convenient location, and enjoy tranquility at the same time. The Tumon Horizon Condo is priced to sell. This 5th floor unit is a great find for a starter family or a couple. Why not own a piece of paradise.