Guam Real Estate
Date Apr 12th, 2014

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In recent years Guam has seen an influx in news and activity related to foreign investors and the US military buildup, which is all good news for the real estate market on Guam. Even though the interest rates and financing terms are controlled by the US market, Guam sees a lot of influence in the real estate market from Asia.
There has been rumors circulating that there are quite a few Taiwanese, Chinese, Philippine and Hong Kong investors looking to purchase real estate on Guam. There are a few major developments already in the works and due to be completed in 2014/2015. With reasonably low property taxes, and a steady growth, Guam has become an idea place for big and small investors.
On the other hand the military buildup that is due to happen in the next couple of years is great news for the island economy and Guam real estate in general. Along with the military members looking for homes to buy or rent, there are other military related people looking to buy or rent as well. But as of 2014 there is a substantial number of military members contributing to the Guam real estate economy.
All in all, from what we can see, Guam real estate is thriving and in good health. Whether looking to invest, or just buying your first home, Guam is worth it!