Alupang Cove Condo
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Alupang Cove Condo Guam is one of the more popular beach front condos on Guam.  Located right next to the Sheraton Laguna Resort along the coast of Agana Bay, Alupang Cove Condo not only has great ocean view, but also is located in the central village of Tamuning.     Besides the location and the view, the tropical ambiance of the condo complex really makes Alupang Cove Condo a tropical paradise.

Location, location, location!  Whether you are looking for a condo to rent or buy, Alupang Cove Condo is located in a convenient location.  Alupang Cove Condo is located in the central Guam village of Tamuning, just minutes from many restaurants, stores, malls, beaches, and the airport.  Alupang Cove Condo is located just a block away from Payless Supermarket, a popular grocery store on Guam.  Located just 5 minute drive from Alupang Cove Condo, the Guam Premium Outlet Mall(GPO) offers shopping, dining, movies, groceries, and more shopping.  At GPO there  is a variety of dining options including popular sit down restaurants such as Ruby Tuesdays and Chili’s, and fast food restaurants such as KFC and Burger King.  If you are looking for action, Alupang Cove Condo is just 5 minutes to downtown Tumon.  Whatever your lifestyle is, Alupang Cove Condo is located in a very convenient area close to just about everything.


The best feature of Alupang Cove Condo Guam is the view to die for.  Located on the northern edge of Agana Bay on an elevated small ridge, the condo boasts a beautiful view of  the crystal clear waters of the whole bay.  Depending on the unit, many of the units boasts one of the most beautiful sunsets on Guam.  If you into having a sunset cocktail, you have a couple of options for your enjoyment.  You can enjoy the sunset from the comfort of your air conditioned living, or from the balcony of your unit, or from the beautifully manicured lawn.  The view from Alupang Cove Condo is exactly what you think when you think of a tropical ocean view.

At Alupang Cove Condo, besides the ocean being your backyard, Alupang Cove has a great outdoor area.  One of the first things that will catch your eye is the lush greenery and tranquil tropical ambiance of the condo.  Being one of the premier condos on Guam, Alupang Cove Condo not only has a great ambiance, but is very well maintained.  The cool water of the swimming pool is always crystal clear, and the bbq area is always clean and ready to entertain.

Alupang Cove Condo Guam has a great combination of location, feature, and view.  If a quiet paradise oasis right next to downtown, Alupang Cove Condo  is a perfect condo for you.

Las Palmas
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Las Palmas Guam is a gated  townhouse community boasting a family friendly ambiance.  Located just 2 minutes off of Marine Drive in the village of Dededo, Las Palmas Guam is situated in a convenient location.  It is located just minutes from many restaurants, stores and supermarket.  If you have a busy lifestyle and need a convenient location, but want to live in peace away from the hustle and bustle, then Las Palmas Guam should be the right Guam rental for you.  The area boasts a variety of fast food chains, besides some great authentic Thai, Chinese, and Japanese restaurants.

Las Palmas Guam Townhouse was developed in 3 phases.  With Phase one being the first to be built and Phase three being the latest.  The townhouse community offers a great ambiance with palm trees and gardens around each complex.  In general, Guam is a safe place, but as an added benefit, this community has a 24 hour security providing extra peace of mind.  The Townhome complex also boasts a swimming pool and barbeque area for those special event get togethers, or just to relax with the family.

Most of the units are 2 story with living area on the 1st floor and the bedroom area being on the 2nd floor.  The floor plan varies a bit between the 3 phases, but all boast a good size living area and good size bedrooms.  Now as for the inside of the units, there are many upgraded units besides the standard units.  Depending on your budget you can select a unit with such upgrades as granite counter tops and porcelain floor tiles.  Each unit in the Las Palmas Guam Townhouse Community is individually owned, so each unit may offer a bit different feel.  If convenience and family friendly ambiance is what you are looking for, Las Palmas Guam Townhome is a perfect fit for you.

Perez Villa
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Villa Kanton Tasi Condo
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Villa Kanton Tasi Condo Guam is one of Guam’s most exclusive address on the beach.  The complex is located right on the beach in the middle of Tumon bay and boasts a limited number of rental units available at any given time.    The rentals at Villa Kanton Tasi Condo Guam are all oceanview with a 180 degreee panoramic view of Tumon Bay.  Each unit in Villa Kanton Tasi Condo Guam for rent are unique, but all units boasts a nice big balcony that you can enjoy with a few friends or watch the beautiful daily sunset setting over the horizon.  If the executive lifestyle on the beach is for you, Villa Kanton Tasi Condo Guam is the perfect place for you.

Chalan La Chanch
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Chalan La Chanch Road in  Yigo is located just 3 minutes from the front gate of Andersen Air Force Base.  With many large size new homes in the area, the area has become a popular residential neighborhood for families.  One of the good things about Yigo is, there is no lack of space.  Most homes in Yigo are built on good size lots ranging from 1/4 acre to even 1 acre lots, so your kids can run and hosting barbeques is no problem.  The surrounding area is mostly residential homes, but just 5 minutes drive, you will find all the conveniences of modern day life.  There are a couple restaurants including some popular fast food like McDonald’s and Subway.  And just a quick drive down Marine Drive, you will find the local grocery store which boasts everything from fresh fruits and vegetables, to a Domino’s Pizza in the building.  If you are looking for a nice spacious Guam home in a nice neighborhood.  Chalan La Chanch in Yigo is a perfect place.   become a nice neighborhood.

Guam Beachfront Residences
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Guam Beachfront Residences is the newest ocean front apartment complex on Guam.  Imagine having the whole Tumon Bay beach as your back yard, where you can go for a swim in the ocean or walk on the beach at your convenience anytime.  And as an added bonus, Tumon Bay has one of the most beautiful sunsets that you can see on Guam.  As for the location, Guam Beachfront Residences is conveniently located walking distance to many restaurant, hotels, boutiques, stores, park, night life and the beach.  It’s location right on the beach is in the center of Tumon Bay is perfect for the active.  As for the distance to major destinations, it is about 25 minutes to both Naval Base and Andersen AFB, while the airport, Guam Premium Outlet, and the airport is just 5 minutes away.

Guam Beachfront Residences boasts all the amenities of a luxury apartment such as, gated entry, swimming pool, gym, and barbeque area.  This luxury apartment complex has a 24 hour security at the entrance and provides a covered parking for residence with ample additional parking for guests.  For those into fitness, Guam Beachfront Residences offers one of the best selection in exercise equipment.  In the outside area, the complex boasts a beautiful swimming pool and easy access to the beach to relax and unwind from a days of work.

Modern is the theme of the interior of every unit.  With the units boasting an ocean view of the beautiful Tumon Bay.  The complex offers a variety of units ranging from 1 bedrooms all the way upto 3 bedroom units with a huge balcony.  All units in Guam Beachfront Residences has a washer and dryer in the unit.  The kitchen is modern with a clean feel and look with an open concept.

If you are looking to live on the beach in the middle of the action in downtown Tumon, Guam Beachfront is the place to be.

Paradise Estate
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Paradise Estate Guam is one of the most popular residential neighborhoods on Guam.  Located in northern Guam, Paradise Estate Guam is only 10 minutes to Andersen Air Force Base making it a popular off base rental for military members.  Paradise Estate Guam  is one of the the newest housing development located off of Marine Drive (Route 1) at the edge of Dededo.  Besides being close to AFB, the housing area is only 10 minutes to Micronesia Mall, and about 45 minutes to Naval Base Marianas.

Paradise Estate Guam is located just 10 minutes away from Andersen Air Force base in a residential area tucked away from the busy street.  When you arrive at the entrance to Paradise Estate, you will notice the secured gate entry into the housing area.  Access into Paradise Estate is restricted to residents and guests of residents only.  As an added benefit there are mailboxes at the main entrance to Paradise Estate for all homes in the compound.  When you have no entered you will notice that it is paradise.  The neighborhood is well laid out with wide roads, and side walks on all streets, so kids can play safely outside.

When you enter the doors to Paradise Estate Guam, you will notice the spacious living / dining room connected to a nice modern kitchen.  The living room area has ample room to entertain guests, and  the outside area is perfect for additional guests.  Dependent on the house, some homes in Paradise Estate offers additional outdoor covered living space with some even having an outdoor kitchen.  Now when you enter the master bedroom you will notice the huge walk in closet, which should fit most couples needs.  For the 4 bedrooms in Paradise Estate an additional junior master bedroom with a shower and bath.

Paradise Estate Guam is a perfect neighborhood for families to enjoy comfortably and safely.  Take a look now.

Perez Acres
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Perez Acres Guam is one of Guam’s nicest townhome neighborhoods located in the village of Yigo.  Located off of Marine Drive (Route 1) in Yigo, Perez Acres Guam is just 5 minutes from Andersen Air Force Base, and just 13 minutes to Micronesia Mall.  Close by within walking distance of the neighborhood is a village mall, that boasts some great conveniences such as supermarket, Domino’s Pizza, other restaurants and a couple of stores.

Perez Acres Guam is a secured gated community with a movie like ambiance.  Entry into the community is only by remote gate entry device or using the keypad.  Upon entering into Perez Acres you will notice the manicured lawn and the lush greenery which has been a staple of Perez Acres since its inception.  Now the townhomes area  4 plex where 4 units are in each building, but there is lots of privacy with each townhome unit having an open or enclosed patio area.  The gated community boasts a variety of kid friendly amenities, which includes pools, and playgrounds besides such standard amenities as mail boxes, and covered parking stalls.

Like in most other townhome communities, each unit in Perez Acres Guam Townhouse is individually owned. So the layout and fixtures of each unit may vary depending upon the improvements done to the home by the owner.  Some units may have upgraded appliances, upgraded kitchens, upgraded bathrooms, porcelain tiles and covered patio area.  In Perez Acres, there are many owner occupied units, but there are also a couple of rental units as well.  Among the Guam rentals, some of the benefits of Perez Acres is the closeness to Andersen AFB, one of the best family friendly ambiance, and the secured entry neighborhood.   If any of these features are important for your family, Perez Acres is a Guam rental you should definitely consider.

Royal Garden Townhome
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Royal Garden Townhome Guam is located the village of Tamunig, just up the road from Tumon Bay.

Talo Verde Guam
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Talo Verde Guam is the premier exclusive gated housing community in Guam.  The neighborhood boasts a variety amenities exclusive to the residence of Talo Verde.