Moving to Guam
Date Jun 19th, 2013

Moving to Guam could be the best thing that ever happened in your life!  Think about it, its summer all year long and surrounded by beaches everywhere.  If you were just assigned to move to Guam or moving out of your own free will, fear not!  It’s not the end of your life.  The brown tree snakes will not attack and kill you and we have McDonald’s!  We even have the world’s biggest Kmart, and a huge Home Depot just opened up.

Moving to Guam, you really don’t need to bring much.  In terms of clothes, just bring your work clothes, an aloha shirt, a couple of shorts, T shirts, and a pair of slippers and your wardrobe is complete.  Formal wear in Guam is an aloha shirt and a pair of slacks, we no longer wear grass skirts and coconut tops anymore.  Guam is very casual when it comes to attire, very similar to Hawaii.  Besides that we basically have everything you need.  We have a Kmart, Macy’s, and Ross.  You could buy everything you need when you arrive on Guam.

Ready to learn a new language?  Guam’s official language is Chamorro and English.  Chamorro is the native language of Guam, but has been influenced greatly by Spanish from the Spanish occupation of the island.  But, don’t worry, just about everyone speaks English and English is the most spoken language on Guam

Seems everybody moving to Guam has heard about the brown tree snakes.  Contrary to common myths, brown tree snakes are not everywhere and they will not kill you!  It seems one of the first things people hear about Guam is brown tree snakes.  We really do not know how the brown tree snakes have become hot topics, but rest assured they are practically harmless to humans.  They can bite and make you bleed, but so can cats and dogs.  They are not ferocious creatures prowling to attack humans.  The main reason the brown tree snakes are considered a threat to Guam is they prey on bird eggs and have almost wiped out our native bird, the koko bird.

Besides that we have a whole lot of beautiful beaches and great shopping.  The beaches on Guam are pristine and never packed.  One of the big perks on Guam is, you will always be able to find a beach just for you and your family.  Just find a nice beach and set up shop, they are pretty much everywhere.  Those images of you sitting on the beach with a cold beverage watching the sunset is not a dream on Guam, it can be part of daily life.

Moving to Guam might sound like you are moving to the middle of nowhere, but there are lots of modern day amenities with a lot of island amenities.  It’s the true paradise that you always dreamed of.  Moving to Guam is just like jumping into a tropical island commercial.  Come work, play, and eat in paradise.