Ordot Chalan Pago

Hafa Adai! Welcome to Chalan Pago Ordot!


The quiet village of Ordot-Chalan Pago is located in the eastern-central part of Guam. Ordot-Chalan Pago is approximately twenty minutes away from the U.S. Naval Station in Santa Rita and about twenty five to thirty minutes away from Anderson Air Force Base in Yigo.

The Municipality of Ordot-Chalan Pago stretches across the narrow “waist” of the island of Guam. These villages are on the dividing line between the mostly volcanic southern half of the island and the mostly limestone northern half of the island. The result of being nestled between the northern and southern regions is a diverse rugged topography (mixture of fertile volcanic soil and limestone rock), small valleys, wetland areas and stream that seem to disappear into the ground.


The village is small but has a strong community with only about 5,923 people. The area had long been a center of ranching for people from Hagatna but since WWII, it has become home to two tight knit village communities as well as several new housing subdivisions. The topography of the Ordot Chalan Pago area is filled with many low hills, small valleys, wetlands, and streams.  Many residences have been built along these foothills and nearby mountains. However, most of the housing developments are located along the main roadway, known as Route 4. The area is rich with lush green vegetation such as bamboos groves, mangroves, palm trees, and homes are built on flat areas of land at times next to small valleys.

Chalan Pago also leads to Pago bay where homeowners have a gorgeous view of the ocean on Guam’s eastern coast. A few people have also taken advantage of mountain properties, building residences overlooking the bay. Currently, there are residential developments underway is this area.

The Ordot-Chalan Pago area also provides a few schools for the village children and to the neighboring villages.  There are both public and private schools for you to choose from. The village also provides bus stops located throughout the village for your child’s transportation.

The village is a great place to call home. Ordot Chalan Pago is known for its peaceful and cozy atmosphere. It is a place for those who love simplicity and relaxation. The island breeze is constant in the village and the people are friendly and welcoming to their neighbors. There are small stores and a supermarket for your convenience. Route 10 goes straight through the village, so driving is fairly easy to get around.


Ordot Chalan Pago is also home to the Leo Palace Resort.  Besides being a world class golf resort, Leo Palace Resort is also home to a hotel, condominiums, townhomes, restaurants,  a bowling alley, swimming pools, baseball fields, and soccer fields.  With so many amenities, it is truly a resort paradise.

To escape the island heat, we recommend a dip in the river. Manenggon River is a freshwater river that runs through multiple villages, such as Chalan Pago, Talofofo, and Yona. There is a dam that is constructed between the borders or Chalan Pago and Yona, creating calm waters suitable for swimming. Many locals and visitors travel to the dam to escape the island heat. Tall bamboo forests border the dam, shading swimmers from the sun. For your enjoyment there is a diving board and a rope swing that is sure to please.

We hope you find the village to be relaxing and enjoyabe. Ordot Chalan Pago is surely a place to experience the island life. Your newfound relaxed lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle is great after a long day of work. So come visit Ordot-Chalan Pago soon!

Distance to Popular Destinations:

  • Andersen Air Force Base- 25 minutes
  • Naval Base Guam- 20 minutes
  • US Naval Hospital- 9 minutes
  • Guam International Airport- 14 minutes
  • Guam Premiere Outlet- 12 minutes
  • Micronesian Mall- 16 minutes
  • Agana Shopping Center- 6 minutes
  • Tumon, Guam- 14 minutes